I would never recommended doing business with these people. Complete scam.

I didn't mind the being scammed as much as how rude the customer service was. I've never been talked to or screamed at so rudely. They hung up on me and even laughed at me. I was so kind but complete scam.

Trying to get my bank card canceled today so don't recommend them at all. Pray for their truly wicked employees.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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The same thing happened to me but I was not so nice after I called the 3rd number I had for them. They just told me I was a liar and laughed at me!

I wanted to jump right thru the phone.

They lied to me over and over. I cant believe they were allowed to scam and treat so many people so horribly!


This is a complete joke but joke is on them. Got a call to purchase.

...knew after a couple of days I was going to return product. Called and Lil was VERY RUDE...so I cancelled my card before they could charge the $109 so now I get to take the product for free.

My bank assured me that is any company tried to charge my bank account in the next 30 days...they would stop payment. Thank you for the free product and for being so rude that you pissed me off!!!!

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